What Is A Bridge

It is worth spending a few minutes to read the document so that you can understand the vast capabilities of “Stoxxo” Intelligent Trading Bridge (Further Referred as “Stoxxo” or “Bridge” or “Intelligent Trading Bridge”) and can use it in the best possible way. 

Stoxxo has some amazing functionalities, To expertise over those, reading this document will be beneficial.

What is a Bridge?

Many traders use Advanced Trading / Charting Applications such as AmiBroker, MetaTrader 4 or 5, NinjaTrader 8, TradingView & Excel for their day to day trading needs. These platforms empower the user by providing advanced capabilities to perform custom actions by using their supported scripting language for example AFL for AmiBroker, MQL for MetaTrader and NinjaScript for NinjaTrader. 

They enable traders in developing and deploying their own strategies and perform advanced charting analysis. Unfortunately, there is no provision in India to place orders directly from these Trading Applications to the Broker.

Many brokers are offering APIs through which one can design his/her own trading systems and deploy the same. However, deploying these APIs need advanced coding knowledge and know-how which only a few users are capable of. 

Stoxxo Intelligent Trading Bridge is conceived to bridge the Trading applications such as AmiBroker, MT, NinjaTrader etc to the supported brokers using their API. It facilitates users to place orders from Trading Applications to Broker with the Speed of API.

Stoxxo Intelligent Trading Bridge is not just any other ordinary API Bridges available in markets, it is one with inbuilt intelligence. 

It Equips its users by providing Inbuilt Advanced Trade and Risk Management Options, And all that Comes with a Click Of A Button and Zero Coding Knowledge

It also makes jobs easier for AFL / MQL / NinjaScript developers by helping them focus solely on strategy development without the need to worry about complex trade management and risk management within their AFL/MQL/Ninjatrader scripts. This will also result in a drastic reduction in the strategy development time, complexity and considerable cost savings. 

With the Stoxxo Intelligent Trading Bridge doing the heavy lifting with respect to dynamic position & trade management for you, even traders with basic to moderate coding knowledge can code complex strategies without the need to hire expensive developers.

Broker API’S Are differently abled systems with complex needs whereas with Stoxxo All That is Simplified with Easy Steps To Integrate And Migrate to Different Brokers With Just one Click, which is not that easy with Direct Brokers API’S.

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