Orders from Python / NodeJS / PHP / .Net / VBA etc

This section covers all the platforms for which bridge is not providing any readymade plugin. Any Platform
who is supporting HTTP GET / POST can interact with bridges in a very easy way.
If you wanted to use this feature, then enable Web Server from General Settings of Intelligent API
Web Server
Bridge has an in-built web server which supports all the functions as explained below. You can use this
feature to communicate with any platform.
Server supports HTTP GET and POST both, so you can choose as per your ease and preference. HTTP
POST is preferred where special characters are in parameters and you’re unable to encode those as per
URL Encoding rules.

Web Server Url and Port

For security reasons, Web Server runs only on localhost / It generally runs on Port 80 and

  1. In cases AntiVirus / Firewall in the local system may block the web server from running. To check
    for web server status and which Port web server is running, you can browse below Urls in your browser
    (chrome) and can check.
    ● http://localhost
    ● http://localhost:21000
    In place of localhost, you can also check with If the web server is running properly, then you will
    get a message in your browser saying “Intelligent API Bridge Web Server is working normally.”
    Supported Functions and How to call.
    You can call any function of the Bridge whether it is Active or Passive. Optional parameters can be
    omitted from the request. Example if you don’t want to use Disclosed Quantity then no need to send this
    parameter in request or if you wish, you can send with 0 value.
    Format for the URL
    URL and Parameters are case insensitive. /PING or /ping or /Ping doesn’t make any difference and
    function will work properly.
    Root URL : this will be your Web Server running url Eg http://localhost or http://localhost:21000
    Path : this will be function name excluding IB_
    Example for IB_Ping = /Ping
    IB_PlaceOrder = /PlaceOrder
    IB_MappedOrderSimple = /MappedOrderSimple
    Parameter String : This should be the same name as mentioned in function and should be provided in
    query string format. Eg field1=value1&field2=value2&field3=value3…
    Example for UserID = UserID=ABCXYZ12
    Special Care for Percentage Values : Many fields in IAB supports values in Points or Percentage. Points
    can be sent easily using Query String, however for percentage you can use P. Example for Trailing Target
    Final URL : Root URL + Path
    Parameter String you can send as Query String or Post value. HTTP POST is preferred where special
    characters are in parameters and you’re unable to encode those as per URL Encoding rules.
    Examples For Query String (Assume running port is 21000)
  2. To Check MTM
  3. To Place Simple Mapped Order
  4. To SquareOff All
  5. Likewise you can call any function of the bridge using HTTP GET / POST. For POST,
    non-encoded query string can be sent as input.

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