How to transfer Trade Bridge license?

Trade Bridge license is attached to each computer that it is installed on. Every machine gets a unique license id. If you are a own a paid license and want to transfer the license to another computer, then please follow the process given below:

  1. Install Trade Bridge on your new computer
  2. Send a mail to our support team with following details:
    1. License ids of Trade Bridge installation on both machines (from & to)
    2. Reason for license transfer

Our team will evaluate your request and perform the transfer. Please note that license transfer requests are rare and must possess a valid reason.

Our team will evaluate your request and perform the transfer. Please note that license transfer requests are rare and must possess a valid reason.

Can I use live data from one broker and trade with another broker?


A broker provides you live data in their trading platforms, so that they can generate brokerage revenue from your trading. Using data from one broker to trade with another broker is cheating. Hence it is not permitted.

What are the trading platforms supported by Trade Bridge?

There are mainly 3 types of trading platforms supported by stock brokers:

  • Web (browser) based trading platforms (Trading through browser)
  • Desktop based trading platforms (Trading via an application installed on your computer)
  • Mobile based (Trading via mobile application)

At the time of writting, Trade Bridge supports web based and desktop based trading terminals. Our focus is on adding more and more support for web based trading platforms, as they are ideal for automated trading. Here is a list of supported platfroms:


Is live market data free?

Yes, but you must have a valid Trade Bridge license. If you are looking only for live data then you should look for authorized data vendors.

How to trade in multiple trading accounts using Trade Bridge?

Trade Bridge does support trading across multiple client accounts, but the features are limited. Users can only place automatic orders as of now, but they cannot read portfolio status. Many users request us this feature and we are working hard towards making it available with our new product Trade Bridge. But as of now, you have following options available:

  • Most trading platforms that are available for retail traders are single user platforms. Hence to trade in multiple accounts, you need multiple machines with separate installation of Trade Bridge.
  • Another way to trade in multiple accounts is using a (NOW/NEST) dealer terminal. A dealer terminal supports multiple accounts, but you would need get a dealer terminal from your broker and need to map all clients under your dealer id. Trade Bridge supports multi-accounts trading using this approach.

If you are someone who is looking to do multi-broker and multi-accounts automated trading, we recommend you to wait for our new product.

Which analysis or charting software can connect to Trade Bridge?

Trade Bridge does not run strategies by it’s own. So you need some software that can run your strategy. Here are some of the examples:

  • Charting software (AmiBroker, MetaTrader, NinjaTrader etc.)
  • Microsoft Excel or Access (Using macros VBA)
  • Any custom made software

To facilitate easy integration, Trade Bridge provides built-in support for AmiBroker, MetaTrader & Excel. What it means is that you get a set of functions for automated trading, which you can directly use in your strategy code.

What are additional costs?

  • Datafeed: You can use Trade Bridge provided datafeed which doesn’t have any additional cost. You can use datafeed from any other vendor as well & the costs depend on the vendor.
  • AmiBroker/MetaTrader: Free trials of both these software are sufficient for Automated Trading. Free trails of these software come with no Expiry date.
  • Broker’s API: Trade Bridge does NOT use APIs from any broker, so you DO NOT need them.

How to Integrate Excel With Trade Bridge For Auto Trading?

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How to Configure NinjaTrader8 With TradeBridge

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