"Stoxxo" Intelligent Trading Bridge Faq's

Yes, “Stoxxo” Intelligent Trading Bridge is Designed To support fully automated trading with Multiple Trading Platforms Namely Amibroker, Ninja Trader 8, MT4/MT5. Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Trading View, Python, Java, C#, Http://

Our Bridge Provides the User With all possible flexibilities of Algo Trading.

We have plans for integrating and bringing all the finest platforms aboard but for now the most preferred brokers are Live With Us








8. 5 PAISA




12. Gill Broking

13. NirmalBang 



16. Kotak Securities

17. Rudra Shares

18. Fyers

19. Anand Rathi

We know the efforts that you have put in to attain success with your strategy, its our primary responsibility to safeguard it, Just like the coco cola Formula.

We are the First Enterprise Grade Intelligent Trading Bridge to Guarantee 100% Trade Signal Security and we Mean it.

As Said Above We Value your strategy and assure 100% Trade signal Security, Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge is  a Desktop Based System and maintain highest standards of security and encryption which is not the case with Web Based Solutions.

Why do you Think the worlds Best Trade Platforms Like Amibroker, Mt4, Ninjatrader 8 All Created Desktop Applications and not going through web, Because they all knew and value the traders secret formula is safer if it stays inside his pc then Distributed to the the Vulnerable Web.

What Sense Does It Make when you are creating your strategy on desktop systems and then sending all possible details over the web, this also affects the overall performance of algo trading and compromises your credentials. Think Again, A Thorough study will help you under Stand Better.

You Got Us Here and We would love to answer this loud our Order Processing Speed is under 10 MS, The Fastest As per industry Standards, when the world set its benchmark to 50ms we optimized our “Stoxxo” Intelligent Trading Bridge from fast to blazing fast. Try It.

That’s a wonderful question we have here to address, No STOXXO is a A-synchronous Multi Thread System which ensures all orders are fired at the time in multiple accounts.

Whereas in synchronous systems orders are like a queue, which is why we went a step ahead and designed Stoxxo ensuring that our multi User setup don’t struggle or handle slippages efficiently.

Yes indeed, rather than apps which again are data hogger and need constant intervention and backend tracing of your accounts we went a step further and designed our telegram bot.

With no limitation to android or apple Ios users, we designed a telegram bot which is ahead of its time and provides user all possible bridge handling possibilities.

Imagine a Square off just with one click while you on the go, or checking your mtm or positions.

Would you believe if we said you can start trading and stop trading just with one click, now you may have a Question how about speed, its processed with blink of your eye, Its That Fast. Try Our Telegram bot @IABTRADEBOT on Telegram.

“Stoxxo” Intelligent Trading Bridge as said is an Enterprise Grade Trading Bridge available for retail users, we have tried our best to provide and deliver all possibilities under one roof.

Stoxxo has the facility and provides a back up of everyday to the user all its settings and credentials and they are saved within your pc so incase of any mishaps backups are a life saver.

Yes Of course Stoxxo provides you a choice to import and export settings making it super easy and quick for our users to run the bridge immediately on the next instance.

When we say ENTERPRISE Grade Stoxxo Intelligent Trading bridge,  it means that Stoxxo is designed to handle HFT Trading & HVT trading. Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge is not just a bridge but the one with Inbuilt Intelligence.

Yes we do offer you that not just that but rather we even offer exits in quantity numbers, points, percentage or merged together, Stoxxo is designed to do all the heavy lifting.

First, nothing sounds foolish to us as every question is a suggestion to take the next leap, Don’t be Surprised…

But as said earlier too “Stoxxo” Intelligent Trading Bridge Does all the heavy lifting, so we provide the facility of managing your target and sl using our Inbuilt Intelligence which makes us different from the rest.

Mis Orders are managed with targets and sl by the Bridge Itself, Guess What we keep that too within your pc without processing your orders to brokers in advance.

Strike when the Time is Right! That’s What Algobaba Stoxxo Team Believes in.

Reason 1: User settings Has been Added but User enable Tab I Unticked



Reason2: Whether The User has been Added or not and saved


Reason 3: Under strategies Tab user tab is not selected from the grid.

Trading View

No Its pretty simple to integrate trading view with Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge as we provide a secured and encrypted google chrome extension plugin making it easy for user to either Manually trade through trading View or Algo Trade using Pine Script.

Excel Settings

Yes Indeed, it’s a piece of cake to integrate excel with Stoxxo go to settings and click excel and select configure that’s it you excel is now integrated with Stoxxo in a matter of seconds.

Bring your Excel Strategies To Life With Stoxxo, Your Strategy is Ready To Go Live With Stoxxo.

How Much Time Or How Much is the Latency That Can be seen with your bridge While Order Processing?

Latency has to do with many factors like your broker, vps speed or basic internet speed. But given everything is fine we have optimized our bridge to a level which will execute orders under 10ms.

That’s the kind of performance our users enjoy Using “Stoxxo” Intelligent Trading Bridge.

NinjaTrader 8 Settings

Its one Click Integration With NinjaTrader 8

Your can Go to options Settings and Plugins Installation An It will be done in Couple Of Seconds.

“Stoxxo” Intelligent Trading Bridge is designed to Help users in the most Simplified Way Possible