How Do You Configure Ninja Trader 7 / 8 With Stoxxo Intelligent Trading Bridge

How Do You Configure Ninja Trader 7 / 8 With Algobaba Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge

Its Very Simple To Configure Your Ninjatrader 7 / 8 With Your Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge 

Follow The Steps As Mentioned Below

*Make Sure Your Ninjatrader is Not Running and Should Be closed

Step1: Go To Options Button As Shown In The Image Below 

Step2: Click On Settings & Plugins Installation As Shown In The Image Below

Step 3: Once You Have Clicked A menu will Open There you Can Select The Ninja Trader 8 Tab As shown Below

Step 4: Now Checkbox Tick Enable Ninjatrader  8 Integrations

And Click Configure (Make Sure Ninjatrader is Not Running)

You Will Get a Pop Up Stating Ninja Tradder Configured Successfully.

Voila! Now Your Are Ready To Rock The Markets With NinjaTrader Its That Simple

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