Signal Rules Stoxxo Intelligent Trading Bridge

Depending upon user requirements, there can be multiple permutations and combinations which need tobe taken care while processing for the signals. Users can use below options to handle signal processingas per his requirements. Cancel Previous Open SignalMeaning: LE / SE Cancels open orders from Previous LE / SE Signal : This rule can be used […]

Signal Types Stoxxo Intelligent Trading Bridge

For best usage of Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge, it is better to have good knowledge of signal types and rules. There are four typesof signals supported in bridges. LE : Long Entry, Can be used for a fresh Long Entry. It is equivalent to Buy. LX: Long Exit, It can be used to exit any […]

Orders Summary Algobaba Stoxxo Intelligent Trading Bridge

Orders Summary contains all the executed orders in Entry and Exit order logical pairing. This is the maingrid where you can see all of your orders in a logical manner. This grid can also be utilized for Manual Exitof the Order. It is important to note that if you had exited any order manually and […]

Strategy Settings with Stoxxo Intelligent Trading Bridge

Requirements Traders may have multiple strategies to trade with different rules for each strategy. It is possible that hemay expect a 3:1 Risk Reward ratio in one strategy where he may have 2:1 in another. Strategy for NSEmay have an end time of 15:00 whereas strategy for MCX may have 23:00.In Bridge you can create […]

Symbol Settings / Symbol Mapping with Stoxxo Intelligent Trading Bridge

RequirementIt is not a surprise if you wonder what purpose does the symbol mapping serve?This question crosses the minds of many first time users of bridges.Trading Applications such as AmiBroker, MetaTrader etc are getting data from external data vendorswhose Symbols more often than not are different to your broker’s.Example1: In case of futures and options […]

Orders from Python / NodeJS / PHP / .Net / VBA etc

This section covers all the platforms for which bridge is not providing any readymade plugin. Any Platformwho is supporting HTTP GET / POST can interact with bridges in a very easy way.If you wanted to use this feature, then enable Web Server from General Settings of Intelligent APIBridge.Web ServerBridge has an in-built web server which […]

What Is A Bridge

It is worth spending a few minutes to read the document so that you can understand the vast capabilities of “Stoxxo” Intelligent Trading Bridge (Further Referred as “Stoxxo” or “Bridge” or “Intelligent Trading Bridge”) and can use it in the best possible way.  Stoxxo has some amazing functionalities, To expertise over those, reading this document […]